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Meet Your Doula 

Dori Kienitz

I am a Doula-in-training, here to provide personal, emotional and physical support to you and your partner during this important journey with your little one.


My studies include: Labour & Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Pelvic Health Essentials, and Holistic Practices. As an added bonus, my 20 years of experience as a Yoga Teacher will help to create a calm and gentle environment for your best possible experience. Meditations, relaxations, visualizations, reiki, and breath exercises can help to maintain a peaceful situation during your labour.  

My own pregnancy experience has inspired me to become a doula. When I had my children years ago, I dreaded when the nurses came to check on my progress because it just made me feel more anxious. I now know that this anxiety and fear was preventing my labour from progressing. I wished that I had someone there to support me and advocate for me. As your doula, I want you to be aware of all your choices, feel in charge of your labour and delivery, thus being more at ease in your role in the miracle of life. 

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Why Doula?

What does a Labour and Birth Doula provide?

During Pregnancy: 

  • Discuss your birth plan so it’s clear what you want 

  • Ask questions you may not have thought of 

  • Discuss pregnancy care like nutrition, rest, exercise, etc. 

  • Recommend birth related books 

  • Provide a wide range of community resources 

  • Listen to any issues or concerns you may have

  • Help make you feel more at ease 

During Labour and Birth: 

  • Find labouring positions to help you progress 

  • Provide relaxation techniques 

  • Assist you with being more comfortable 

  • Use gentle massage or light touch to soothe you 

  • Use breathing strategies to help you cope 

  • Help you ask questions 

  • Give your partner bathroom/meal breaks 

  • And so much more 

In short, as your Doula, I will provide continuous emotional and physical support to you and your partner during labour and delivery for your ease and comfort.  


Numerous studies all over the world show when a doula is present: 

  • You have shorter labours 

  • Less birth interventions (epidural, forceps, etc.) 

  • Better birth outcomes 

  • Higher Apgar (baby) scores 

  • Better bonding with baby 

  • Labour and births are more tolerable 

  • You feel more at ease and in control 

  • And much more    

As your doula I will help to create a calm and gentle environment for your best possible experience.  

What does a Postpartum Doula provide?

  • Provide in-home visits to assist with infant care 

  • Watch baby while you nap, shower or take personal time

  • Play with older child(ren) so you can spend one-on-one time with your new baby 

  • Sleep over to help with night feedings 

  • Make coffee/tea and breakfast in the morning 

  • Tidy kitchen, wash dishes 

  • Make a meal or snacks 

  • Run errands 

  • Answer questions 

  • Ask questions to make sure you are getting enough rest, eating well, etc. 

  • Share numerous community resources. For example: lactation consultants, mama groups, baby resources, infant support, pelvic floor therapists, postpartum depression, etc. 

  • And so much more 



Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline

Having a new baby is a huge adjustment! Night feedings, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, tending to your newborn’s needs can be tiresome. That’s where I come in to help!

Why Hire Me?

With gentleness and deep listening, I will help guide you from pregnancy to postpartum. I can support you with breathing techniques, meditations, relaxations and reiki to help reduce anxiety and improve coping skills. Your pregnancy and postpartum care will be tailored to you including only the practices that you feel comfortable with. Being available to you when you need me is my top priority, which is why I only take a maximum of two clients at a time with due dates at least three months apart. I will work to provide you with the best support, comfort and resources in my nurturing way, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. With me as your doula, you will feel confident and informed every step of the way!


During my schooling period with Doula Canada, I am taking on clients at no charge.   

Once certified, rates will be as follows: 

Labour & Birth Support Package  

  • Includes complimentary consultation and welcome package 

  • Two prenatal visits virtually or in-person 

  • Unlimited phone/text/email support throughout pregnancy 

  • On call beginning at 37 weeks until the birth of your baby 

  • Continuous emotional and physical support throughout your entire labour and delivery 

  • Up to two hours support after delivery for breastfeeding  

  • Photographs of your birth, if desired 

  • Two postpartum sessions in the 6 weeks following birth 

Investment: $700


Postpartum Package to Help You Rest & Recover 

  • Complimentary consultation to discuss your needs 

  • Phone/text/email support during our contract 

  • 20 hours of daytime/evening postpartum support 

  • One overnight stay  

Investment: $500 (Save $200)

Hourly Rates

  • Days and times are flexible, including evenings and weekends

Investment: $25 per hour

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