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A Retreat at the Zen Haus

Nurturing Your 'Self'

Saturday, November 19, 2022

9 AM - 12 Noon

74 Concession 6 Rd. Fisherville

Energy Exchange $50.

Hey, we're not the Hen House, we're the Zen Haus!!

Relaxation, strong postures, meditation and soul nourishment exercises will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and more harmonious with Self and community.

In our life as we know it, we all have the freedom of choosing our thoughts and actions. All actions (Karma), even thoughts, have consequences. These consequences can appear as beautiful energies, OR they can appear as something that will harm or haunt us later.

Performing yoga, meditation, qigong, breath work, tea ceremony, etc, in this retreat will increase our energy, while practicing with like-minded individuals.

The scientific proven effect of meditation and the health benefits of breath work help to soften tense muscles and tissue, thereby creating a more calm mind. By opening up through our practice, we learn to release pain, tension, even suffering, thus inviting in a more positive vibration. These vibrations allow us to live more in the present moment.

Join us for this mini retreat to nourish YOU!

Maximum of 12 students.

Presented by Doris Kienitz

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