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Zen Grand Opening! Current Classes; Doula Birth Story

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Here at Zen Country Wellness, we believe in creating communities where healing is possible, by being in a safe space where others can help us embrace our pain, so we don't feel alone.

Learning to be in stillness - with a collective community - while practising with others gives us great comfort.

This collective power is an excellent quality to be embraced by.

And this can be experienced by everyone - all ages, all people. You do not need to suffer alone. There are many who care - like Dori and the Amandas! Check out classes below. Your first one is free for the experience! To learn more about our classes, read to the end.

Next retreat date is Saturday, November 19. Register now to reserve your spot! More info in next newsletter and on website.

Come see us at our Grand Opening (Saturday, October 15) details below!

Current Schedule Mon: 10 AM Yoga - Dori Tues: 10 AM Postnatal Yoga - Amanda Munnery (begins October 18) 6:30 PM Prenatal Yoga - Dori (begins October 18) Wed: 10 AM QiGong - Dori (no class Oct. 12) 7 PM Yoga - Dori (no class Oct 12) Thurs: 7 PM Yoga - Amanda Mullin For Postnatal Yoga, bring your babies!

For Prenatal Yoga, bring your yoga balls (We do have some here)! Yoga can be performed right up until your due date. So many wonderful benefits especially to help with an easier labour and birth. And speaking of births, read my 1st ever birth experience below as doula!! Wow!

Dori and The Amandas - Amanda Munnery, Dori Kienitz, Amanda Mullin


Come Zen with us!

Zen Country Wellness Grand Opening!! Saturday, October 15, 2022 9 AM - 12 Noon 74 Concession 6 Rd. Fisherville, On N0A 1G0 Check out the beautiful and peaceful new yoga studio, meet our teachers and try a free class!! *Discounts & Prizes!* Sip, Snack & Try a Mini Class 9:30 AM Yoga - Amanda Mullin 10:00 AM Qigong - Dori 10:30 AM Yoga - Amanda Munnery 11:00 AM Yoga - Dori Join in or just come to see! All abilities and ages; we love beginners! Meet our teachers, ask questions, and experience some Zen


What is a doula? A doula is a supportive, caring person for the birth couple that stays with you during your labour and delivery (and postpartum visits), who knows and follows your birth plan, keeps you calm, helps mom to breath and stay focused, encourages you and so much more. My First Doula-ing I recently experienced my first birth as doula!!

I met Nicole when at 33 weeks pregnant she signed up for yoga classes at Zen. A yoga ball was purchased to suit her height; between this and floor and standing postures she was able to attend a regular yoga class! Often though, her yoga postures were specific for 3rd stage pregnancy. After a few conversations Nicole hired me as their doula for a HOME WATER BIRTH. To say I was excited (and a wee nervous) is an understatement. After a few home visits to meet her husband Shane and their adorable 2 1/2 year old girl, a deeper connection was made. I discovered we had many similarities: we both used cloth diapers, made homemade yogurt, had natural births with virtually no drugs, and our love of yoga runs deep. One afternoon, a few days before due date, Nicole messaged to say she was having small labour pains. She had been to her chiro apt. earlier (another similarity, I had also seen a chiropractor when I was in labour) in the day, and contractions were now 10-15 min. apart. At 1:55 PM her text read "I don't think we are anywhere near yet." Hmmm John and I had pre-plans to go to Waterford to babysit our two young grandchildren that evening while our son and daughter-in-law had a rare 'date night'. They had just left for their dinner date when a message came from Nicole, she was in fact in early labour. Her midwives suggested taking a shower and having a nap. A subtle call was then made to our son and daughter-in-law, "When was the last time you changed baby's diaper? the way my doula client messaged and said she's in labour so no real hurry but when you come home we will leave." Yes I was a little on edge hoping Nicole's labour wouldn't progress until we were back home. I had a shower when we arrived home as I didn't know what the night/next day would bring. Nicole's first labour was 31 1/2 hours. Don't forget that half hour, cause if you've ever been in labour, it can be very excruciating. Every birth is different. My first birth was 18 1/2 hours! At 9:11 PM Nicole messaged again and said she was managing well. Her midwives said to call when contractions were 5 min apart. With bags packed and peanut ball by the door, I laid down and tried to sleep. At 11:15 PM Shane called with two words, "It's time." I bolted out of bed. Nicole was doing so well with her labour pains when I arrived at 11:30 (so fortunate we live around the corner from each other!). I tended to her needs, then set up some calming music she had requested. We breathed together as her contractions mounted. The East Erie Midwives arrived at 11:50 PM. They were so compassionate, professional and well prepared, so lovely they were. Shane had readied the pool in the livingroom where birthing would take place, checked on his wife periodically, made coffee and kept busy. Nicole was very receptive with breathing methods I taught her during intense contractions. I also used a comb technque, which I believe between this and Nicole staying calm through breath work and the loving presence of doula, helped speed her labour with a less painful birth. Just after 12:30 AM she was feeling ready to get in the pool. After a couple of extreme contractions, she was ready to push. This stage was quick, and at 12:50 AM beautiful Isla emerged after a powerful push. To witness this after being with pregnant Nicole so much during yoga classes, home visits and throughout labour, is truly a miracle. That the body makes hormones to birth a baby, is a miracle. That a sperm and an egg creates new life, is a miracle. I was on cloud 9 for days after and even when I think or talk about it now, it brings me right back to that miraculous time. I stayed with Nicole during her stitching as she tore for her 8lb 1oz baby. I can honestly say I felt Nicole's pain as she was being stiched, but we breathed together holding hands, while the midwives did their magic. After bonding time with baby, tea and snacks for hungry Nicole, we left around 3:30 AM when we knew all was well. I so admire Nicole for her strength and stamina, her sunny personality. I feel so honoured, so grateful to be part of their private birth experience. That they shared this with me, is also, nothing short of a miracle. I've since had several post-partum visits with Nicole and the girls and they continue to flourish and grow. Thank you Nicole and Shane, for opening your home and hearts to me. This is an experience I shall never forget. And thank you for allowing me to share this miraculous story! Much love and blessings to you and your young family. Dori xo


All Yoga & QiGong classes here at Zen are designed to stretch the body and mind through strong yet gentle movements. These postures help to reduce high blood pressure, ease bodily pains, reduce anxiety and stress and so much more. Postpartum classes are designed to inform clients with local resources and gentle stretches; bring your babies! Come join us, your first class is free!! All levels are welcome - men and women. What better time to take care of your physical and mental health then now?


If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace. Harmony at home, Peace all around. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh 1926-2022

Big love and deep peace,


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