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  • I'm a beginner. Can I join in a class?
    You sure can! All classes are gentle yet powerful. And… we were all beginners at one time
  • I don’t have good balance or am not very flexible. Can I participate?
    Absolutely, as the practices we do here will improve both. If you can breathe, you can do yoga or QiGong. Plus, we have chairs if it’s better to practice from sitting.
  • What should I bring with me?
    For yoga, bring your mat, a cushion and a blanket (if desired). Water to keep hydrated. For all classes, wear loose comfortable clothing. You may find it best to dress in layers.
  • What if I miss a class?
    Our open class passes allow you to use them at any time, no expiry. Also, if you sign up for one class and would like to do more per week, your class pass is good for all.
  • I have anxiety/depression/high stress. Can your classes help me?
    Yes, definitely! In Yoga and QiGong, through breath work and mindful movements, we train the mind to be in the body in order to help with relaxation. As Yoga becomes a way of life, we live more in the present moment and feel more happiness with simple joys.
  • How will I know if class is cancelled due to iffy weather?
    I will post on the website if class is cancelled due to inclement weather. Please check when weather conditions are “iffy” before heading out. If in doubt, you can always call or text me.
  • I am struggling with some life issues. Are you available to talk to?
    In my practice of 20 years, there have been numerous students who have stayed after class to share their problems. I’m a compassionate listener and what you say here, stays here.
  • I don't feel well. Should I stay home?
    If you feel like you’re coming down with something, please stay home to avoid spreading what you may have. If you feel tired/down/sore/in pain but can still do most things, our classes will help lift your mood, stretch and bring energy to your tired body.
  • How do I pay for classes?
    We accept e-transfers to, cash or cheque made out to Doris Kienitz.
  • I’d really like to come but money is very tight and I’m unable to pay. Can I still attend?
    We believe everyone should have the right to healthy mind, body and spirit. At Zen Country Wellness, you are welcome to pay what you can, or pay it forward some day when you are more able.
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