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Zen Escape Mini Retreat

Saturday, June 1, 2024

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Zen Country Wellness: 74 Concession 6 Rd. Fisherville

Presented by Certified Instructors Dori Kienitz and Amanda Mullin

Energy Exchange $50

Find your Zen with us this Spring!

Ground the body, free the mind.

Feel more connected and lovingly supported.

Cherish and Nourish the SELF with YOUR Personal RETREAT.

Register early to reserve your space!


Our offering includes:

Calming Breathwork

Head to Toe Stretches with Chakra Clearing

Flow with Yoga & Qigong

Forest Walk with Grounding

Mindful Tea Sipping

Meditation & Mantra

Instrumental Soundscape & More!


Give yourself a peaceful morning to listen to the birds, the breeze and your breath, sip tea, connect with others and the earth. You will leave the retreat feeling renewed, refreshed, & more grounded.

At a retreat, you learn to steady yourself through all the ups and downs in your mind; how to trust your mindful loving-awareness to hold the full range of your experience; how to be present to both pleasure and pain; how to bring patience and equanimity to the intensity of body sensations, emotions and thought patterns. You learn to trust your own inner unfolding and to apply the teachings of wisdom and compassion to deepen your practice. ~ Jack Kornfield

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