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Forest Bathing Retreat

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Healing in the woods: a mini retreat


When was the last time you walked into the woods with no specific outcome or destination? Just used your senses and took your own sweet time?

Scientific evidence shows Forest Bathing, developed in Japan, to be of great importance in improving health care and healing. To walk in the woods amongst trees, birds, insects, etc. in their natural habitat is extremely powerful. This is not a novel concept. Traditionally, people have chosen the restorative benefits of the forest as part of their everyday life.

When humans spend time in a natural setting, especially under the canopy of a forest, they experience rejuvenating benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

People who spend time in the forest experience the decreased stress hormone cortisol, which can help relieve high blood pressure, heart conditions, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, and more. High stress levels negatively affect your immune system. Trees release oils into the air, called phytoncides, and inhaling these natural essences can help increase your mood, focus and energy.

Join us in this guided opportunity to navigate your way through a forest bathing experience.


Forest Bathing

August 28, 2021

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Rural Fisherville 


Please register ASAP. You will be given more details at that time.

John and I have cleared and are maintaining the trail with as little damage to the trees as possible. Please note that the forest does contain above ground roots in many areas. We will walk slowly and with awareness. The forest path, like life itself, is full of smooth parts & snares, merriment & melancholy; we need to be aware of it all and go forth with knowledge. Knowledge is empowerment.

Energy Exchange:

$30 with half going to Direct Support for Lytton, B.C. Fire Survivors.


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