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My name is Dori. I am a compassionate being and find meaning in helping others. When you work with me, you will experience the power of being in the present moment. I believe that everyone has value and when I speak with someone I want them to feel that they are truly heard. 

My Story

Yoga has been a passion of mine since beginning my first class in the late 90’s. I instantly fell in love with the natural high it gave me. I had dealt with a lot of body pain, IBS, TMJ, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Within a few months of regular practice, many of these conditions had improved or were completely gone! What I didn’t realize at the time, was that stress was causing all these ailments in my physical body and mind. Through yoga I learned how to breathe abdominally, release tension, and create a calm mind and a more relaxed body. When anxiety creeps in or other ailments act up, I know I have the yogic tools (postures, breathing and meditation) to help me through any problem.

It’s interesting how we are led to where we are meant to be. The relief and calmness I felt was so amazing that I wanted to share the health benefits with others and thus began my yoga teacher training while working full time and raising three children. After teaching classes in halls around Haldimand & Norfolk, I decied to open a home-based rural studio in 2010.

My certifications include:

  • Yoga - Specialization in Hatha Yoga with the incorporation of Yin, Kundalini and meditation

  • 2nd Degree Reiki - a light hands-on healing technique for emotional and physical wellbeing 

  • Nia - a fun dance that combines yoga, martial arts and dance moves carried out to music

  • QiGong - a gentle meditative flow benefiting body and mind.

In the early part of 2021, I began my studies to become a Labour & Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula. When I look back at my own experiences of going through childbirth and postpartum, I would have loved to have had the constant calming presence, knowledge and support of a doula. Now I can be that for you! My yogic/meditation background is an asset to pregnant and postpartum clients.

Dori and her husband John live in rural Fisherville on a farm with their two dogs, Jagr and Leo. They are a blended family blessed with 13 grandchildren. Dori’s passions, along with yoga, meditation and qigong include spending time with family and friends, gardening, hiking, reading, & cooking for a crowd.

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