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Ongoing Classes; Spring Retreat!!

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Hello Friends!

Let's unwrap the gifts of our life... Spring is definitely in the air (was winter ever?!), days are getting longer with more sunshine than the previous weeks. I have heard reports of a robin sighting. The sap is running and we'll be able to taste that fresh sweet Maple Syrup once again. And...there is a nourishing full-day retreat planned for the spring with plenty of movement! Info below. Our Zen Haus Studio is a place of safety, inclusion, compassion and love. You will find much support here no matter what you are going through. We are all dealing with hardship. In our classes, we promote living in presence; this is where true happiness can be felt. Classes for Wellness

2023 Schedule

No Classes: Monday, Feb 20 (Family Day); Thursday, Feb 23; Thursday, Mar 2; Monday, Mar 13, Wednesday, Mar 15.

If you have purchased a pass and have unused classes, they do not expire! Message today to see if there's room in your favourite class. We miss seeing you!!!

Mondays: Yoga 10 AM

Wednesdays: QiGong 10 AM

Wednesdays: Yoga 7 PM

Thursdays: Yoga 7 PM

We have fresh herbs on hand from our garden tower at Zen! Bring your own container and for a toonie you can take home: dill, parsley, oregano, basil or marjoram.

All monies gathered will be donated to the Women's Shelter.

QiGong & Yoga

For mobility issues (difficult knees, MS, Stiffness, etc.) QiGong is highly recommended. All done from standing (or a chair), 24 Posture QiGong (pronounced Chee Kung) promotes balance, stability and strength. Balance is so important as we age for stepping on and off curbs, stepping into the shower, using stairs, and just walking in general. It's also very meditative.

Yoga combines gentle stretches with strong postures, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxation. Great for grounding, increases flexibility, strengthens immune system, lowers blood pressure, enhances awareness, better sleep, calms nervous system and so much more!

Energy Exchange

10 Class Pass $140

6 Class Pass $95

Your first class is free for the experience!

E-transfers to

Cash & Cheques also accepted

A Retreat

Taking Care of Business: YOUR "SELF" Saturday, May 27

9 AM - 4 PM Location: Zen Country Wellness Presented by: Dori Kienitz & Amanda Mullin Energy Exchange: $100 All are welcome!

Find your Zen with us this spring! Ground the body and free the mind. Feel more connected and lovingly supported. Cherish YOUR SELF in our full day nourishing, wellness retreat with meditation and plenty of movement!

Our offering includes:

Yoga QiGong Meditation Nature Walk Nutritious Lunch And More! By nourishing our true self, the soul, we will leave the retreat feeling renewed and refreshed, feeling more harmonious, supported and in charge of our life. Registrants will be sent healthy menu options for our lunch meal.

At a retreat, you learn to steady yourself through all the ups and downs in your mind; how to trust your mindful loving-awareness to hold the full range of your experience; how to be present to both pleasure and pain; how to bring patience and equanimity to the intensity of body sensations, emotions and thought patterns. You learn to trust your own inner unfolding and to apply the teachings of wisdom and compassion to deepen your practice. ~ Jack Kornfield

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