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Saturday Morning Qigong at Zen!! Fall Retreat Date!

Meet Qigong Teacher Neil!


Qigong for Health & Longevity is a new class taught by Neil on Saturday mornings.

Neil began learning the practice of qigong from his Tai Chi & Aikido teacher in Sudbury at age 19. Years later while living and working in Taiwan he learned the practice of qigong from different Qigong Masters and Chinese Medicine Doctors. After learning their ancient techniques, Neil taught several classes a week for over a decade to students of all ages. He will now share with us this knowledge and wisdom. 


In qigong practice, students learn how to relax, connect to and align the body and mind through the breath, while performing various exercises whether standing, sitting or lying down.


You’ll find Neil to be a gentle, kind and friendly soul. Along with English, he speaks fluent Mandarin.

We look forward to welcoming Neil here next Saturday!!


Your open class pass is good for ANY of our classes here, so you can intermingle. And if you’re new to Zen Country Wellness, your first class is free for the experience.

Namaste with big love and deep peace,


Do you know someone that teaches Pilates? If so let them know we are looking to add Pilates here at Zen Country Wellness. Many of the moves in Pilates are similar to yoga, but it is more strength-building.


Class Schedule

Mondays 10 AM Yoga - Dori

Tuesdays 10 AM Breath Series begins Sept.24

Wednesdays 10 AM Qigong - Dori

Wednesdays 7 PM Yoga - Dori

Thursdays 7 PM Yoga - Amanda

Saturdays 9 AM Qigong - Neil (begins June 15)

When weather permits our classes (especially qigong) will be outdoors (shade and sun available) so come prepared!

The Breath Series is a six week session that begins September 24. It will focus on breathing techniques, history and science behind proper breathing and meditation.

A full day retreat is coming Saturday, October 19th!! More details to come soon!

Open Class Passes

Energy Exchange for Zoom & In-Person

10 Class Pass - $140

6 Class Pass - $95

Walk Ins - $20

First class here is free!

Private Classes

Catered to your needs...

One hour one on one $100

Series of four classes $350

Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date happenings, events and changes.

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