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April & May Retreats Coming Up!! The Breath & I Six Week Series

Namaste ... the divine in me sees and recognizes the divine in you...

Along with our regular classes:

Mondays 10 AM Yoga (no class Feb. 19)

Tuesdays 10 AM The Breath and I (begins Feb. 27)

Wednesdays 10 AM Qigong

Wednesdays 7 PM Yoga

Thursdays 7 PM Yoga

We have three new exciting things happening at the Zen Haus!

First up is a 'Breath and I' 6-week session class dedicated to Breath and Meditation. Dive deeper into your practice and the self.

Second is our April Retreat focusing on healing the body through modes of acupressure and the chakras. We will delve into energy work.

Third up is our May Retreat which is sure to be nourishing and relaxing. Our focus will be on Mantras and their sounds and feeling how they affect the body and mind.


The Breath & I: Breath & Meditation Series

6 Week Session Feb 27 - April 2

Tuesdays 10 AM - 11 AM


Led by Dori

We can be in chairs for comfort or through Zoom if that's better for you!

Please register soon, class is filling up.

Meditation and breath work (pranayama) are very important practices of yoga and qigong. In this series, we will learn how to breathe properly and practice powerful pranayama while various meditations will bring our minds into stillness. In group settings, it can be very powerful and grounding to meditate together.

There is great power and medicine in both the breath and meditation.

According to numerous science-based studies, meditation can significantly reduce anxiety, stress and pain, promote emotional health and well-being, enhance self-awareness, boost memory and kindness, improve sleep and so much more.

But Why Do I Need to Learn How to Breathe?

According to the research at Harvard, Stanford and other institutions, 90% of us are breathing incorrectly. This blew me away! So I did some reading and digging and listen to this...They discovered that our capacity to breathe has gotten remarkably worse since the dawn of the industrial age (believed to have started around 1760).

Breath work and meditation balance the nervous system and reduce blood pressure.

We will practice being gentle with ourselves.

There will be time for discussion during these mindful classes.

Come join us as a beginner or as a seasoned yogi, to begin your journey or greatly deepen your current practice. 


Growing Roots: An Energy Retreat 


Saturday, April 13, 2024

9:30 AM  - 4:30 PM (6 hrs + 1 hour lunch)

Zen Country Wellness 

74 Concession 6 Rd Fisherville

Bring your lunch (fridge and microwave available) or order ahead from local Cafe

Energy Exchange $150 (+ lunch) Tea, water and fruit provided.

To register: 905-541-1315 *



Jennifer Elliot: O.B.T, C.H.H.P, QT level 1, Reiki Master

Dori Kienitz: Certified Yoga and Qigong teacher; 2nd Degree Reiki; Nia White Belt

You may be pretty aware of your physical energy levels; sometimes we may have a lot of energy, other times our energy seems low. But how conscious are you of your energetic body?


According to yogic traditions, this more subtle and powerful energetic body is shaped by the interactive undercurrents of breath, movement, feeling, emotion, and intelligence. The chakras are one of our greatest tools for accessing the human energy system as well as pressure points. 


During our retreat we will discuss energy, teach acupressure points concerning organs and meridians and their association with emotions, discussion on chakras with balancing exercises, energy work, forest walk, yoga and meditation. 

Acupressure treatments performed by Jennifer 10-15 min (depending on retreat numbers) $15 pp approximately. During this time Dori will lead the others in yoga/qigong. 


We hope you’re able to join us in learning more about and caring for your energetic body! 

Bio: Jennifer Elliot has been practicing a variety of alternative healing modalities for 15 years and is dedicated to helping her clients achieve good health and balance in their lives. The modalities she uses include Shiatsu, Acupressure, and energy work, all of which can be used to attain that personal sense of well-being that we all desire. Her experience and personal philosophy toward alternative healing practices have helped many clients achieve that sense of balance, well-being and better health and she looks forward to providing assistance in the future. 


Mantras & Movement - Mini Retreat

Saturday, May 4, 2024

9:30 AM - 12 PM (2.5 Hrs.)

Zen Country Wellness - 74 Concession 6 Rd Fisherville

Energy Exchange $50

To Register: 905-541-1315 *

Presenters:Amanda Mullin: Certified Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher

Dori Kienitz: Certified Hatha Yoga and Qigong Teacher; 2nd Degree Reiki; Nia White Belt

Take time to nourish yourself & feel more centered in our ZEN environment with this mini reset!

We will gently flow through yoga, meditate with mantras, sip tea and hike through the woods. Enjoy deep rest, listen to the birds, the breeze, your breath and heartbeat.


Let This Morning Be a Gift to Yourself. We hope you can join us for this blissful time! 

Amanda Mullin Bio: I first fell in love with yoga when it became a mid-day hour of relief throughout the busy work week. Eventually at a crossroads in my life, I went through yoga teacher training to heal my aching body and dive deeper into the yoga lifestyle. I couldn’t get enough! Yin yoga training opened up my eyes to how stress is held in the body and how to release it… freeing up mobility and bringing peace to the mind. Sharing this knowledge with people of all ages and abilities is what I love to do. Students describe me as calm, grounded, and caring. Outside of practice, I enjoy a quiet simple life being in nature with my family, gardening, baking sourdough or treats to have with tea, and curling up under a cozy blanket with my little girl and large dog during a rainstorm.”

You can read more about Amanda on our website once updated later this month. 

So much of what we experience in life is defined by either good or bad. We don't like cloudy days or going to that function, or waiting in line. We can't wait for (you fill in the blank) to be over. We just want the good stuff, we want to feel good and be happy with no problems.

But when we're in a moment of one of those experiences that is less than desirable, it's an opportunity to be fully present with what is happening. Instead of looking at the cloudy day and despising it, wishing for sunshine, we can look into the clouds and be curious. Yes, the sunshine certainly makes us feel better, but when it's cloudy, or there is a difficulty happening in life, be curious. Step out of your mind and be a witness to what is taking place. You may be pleasantly surprised with some beautiful insight. We may find ourselves softening into whatever is going on, accepting the situation and feeling more content in the present moment.

I wish for you health and contentment.

Big love and warm hugs,


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