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Class Schedule Revised & Spring Retreat

Hello! We never know what life will bring, from one moment to the next. When life is good, enjoy it, cause you never know when things will suddenly change. When life gets complicated and stressful, also understand that this too will change, that better times are ahead. After a rough rollercoaster ride for the past 3 months with my father in hospital, we had booked a few days away to destress and relax at a hotel with spa, pool and nearby trails. The day before we left, I awoke with pain in my foot. A day after we arrived at our hotel, a trip to emergency revealed a hairline fracture in my foot resulting in air cast and crutches. Goodbye pool, spa, trails...hello cards, drinks and movies. Later that evening I had the pleasure of experiencing a sound bath with beautiful teacher Anita, right at our hotel, lifting my spirits (photo below). Change is imminent... While this new injury will hamper my asanas, I'll still be able to instruct. Also I'll be able to prove that QiGong CAN be done from a chair! There will be no classes Monday or Wednesday this week (Amanda will be here Thursday night for her regular Yin Yoga class!). I plan to resume my classes the week of April 3 - if some of you have time to come early before class or stay after to assist me, I would be so grateful! As always, please check the website for any last-minute changes. Namaste and be well, Dori

ZEN SCHEDULE No Classes March 27 & March 29 Mondays - 10 AM Yoga - Dori Wednesdays - 10 AM 24 Posture QiGong - Dori Wednesdays - 7 PM Yoga - Dori Thursdays - 7 PM Yoga - Amanda Reserve your spot today!

A SPRING RETREAT Taking Care of Business: Your 'Self'

Saturday, May 27 9 AM - 4 PM Location: Zen Country Wellness Presented by: Dori Kienitz & Amanda Mullin Energy Exchange: $100 All are welcome! Find your Zen with us this spring! Ground the body and free the mind. Feel more connected and lovingly supported. Cherish YOUR SELF in our full day nourishing, wellness retreat with meditation and plenty of movement! Our offering includes: Yoga QiGong Meditation Nature Walk Snacks Nutritious Lunch And More! Sorry that we forgot to mention that lunch will be extra.

Depending on what you choose, lunch could be $15-$20. We will have this catered and brought in fresh.

Healthy lunch menu options will be announced once registration closes, by the middle of May. Please let us know now if you have any diet restrictions. Lunch fees, once you choose your option, will be due May 20.

Please note: your $100 registration fee is due May 1 to secure your spot. No refunds after May 15.

By nourishing our true self, the soul, we will leave the retreat feeling renewed and refreshed, feeling more harmonious, supported and in charge of our life. Registrants will be sent healthy menu options for our lunch meal. Reserve your space now!!

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